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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Did You Believe the Speech last night?

By Linda Mains

OK, so President Obama gave his address last-night; although I'm wondering what delusional person, actually wrote his speech? Has the President been asleep for that last 4 years, when he gave his speech last-night? All I want to know is; did he actually believe the words coming out of his own mouth? I for one didn't, believe one single word, that was uttered by our current President...if you did, I will give you my condolences now.

So the President had said that he had saved the auto industry, and because he had, one of those corporations was number one in exporting cars right now? Is he seriously retarded? He may have saved Ford and Chrysler, but I don't believe that any of us could say, that those two car manufacturers, are by any means what he claims to be...#1 right now; could you? I really don't even think; that they are the most popular makes of cars on the market right now?

Another unbelievable thing that the President said during his speech was, that he wanted to give us cleaner fuels, an industry that would bring about new jobs. Didn't he already have 4 years, to bring about those markets? So where are those jobs from all that natural gas and from the oil that comes from sand? We could have had a pipe line, shipping oil too us, from Canada, with thousands of high paying jobs...but the green-peace, tree huger's, curtailed any future earnings from that market, by stopping that before it could get off the ground. So because Canada isn't run by a bunch of idiots, like the U.S. is right now...China swooped up on that deal, and they'll be getting all their oil from Canada. Which was something we should have done, if we only had had a smart leader in office...but we don't, so enough said.

Oh, and he wants future employers, of the unemployed, to give out of pocket money, to finance unemployed workers educations, into the work force. Now is that a realistic goal Mr. President? How many future employers rite now are doing well enough to make that happen? Can employers rite now afford to front the out-of-pocket-cost, of an out-of-work employees education so they can hire them? For a moment, while I was watching his speech, I thought he was Martin Luther King, because he might of well have started the speech by saying; "I have a dream America!"  I really don't believe that most businesses are doing well-enough, to be able to front most out of work Americans educations. I could be wrong, but, I'm probably not.

Oh, and what about him using a Republican saying, from Abraham Lincoln about how citizens don't need big Government to do what they can do for themselves? My only question is; "isn't President Obama all for all types of BIG-GOVERNMENT that is intruding into every average American citizens lives? With the T.S.A and body scanners...more rules and regulations that are restricting the growth of U.S. businesses, that have forced many business to shut down or move to other countries. So how is President Obama living up to what Abraham Lincoln was speaking about? If anything President Obama...wants more power by having more executive power, to make more intrusive laws that will in-crouch on all of our freedoms!

Oh and now he's talking about starting a war with Iran; why oh why President Obama, did you have to take the speech there? Now if you don't know what the other side is saying, you should be informed. Iran is sick of the U.S.! I guess I can't really blame them, the U.S wants a regime change in Iran, because from what I've heard; the U.S doesn't want Iran using the Euro dollar...and the U.S will do anything to keep the Euro from taking over the markets. Including using force by starting wars, which would keep the dollar the number one monetary Another reason the U.S wants regime change, is for oil, and dominance in the Middle East. Plus wars make millions and billions of dollars, for the people who make weapons. Here's the problem with starting a war with Iran...Iran has China and Russia backing them up, and it would be a huge cluster-fuck, to get in a war with them right now. If we vote for President Obama, and he starts a war with Iran..that might mean; that we could be looking at War World III? Plus Iran isn't going to go down without a fight! So thousands of our men in uniform will be killed! I personally don't even like hearing the words war with Iran...first, I want to see proof that Iran actually has nuclear weapons, before we start a war with them.

I'm sorry I think that the President has all the makings of the worlds next major Tyrant...I don't like Tyrants or socialists! If you need the government to tell you who the bad guys are in the world, then you must enjoy being treated like a retard, but I for one really don't. So go ahead and make the biggest mistake in U.S. history by voting for President Obama...I for one am not making mistakes that big, if you do I'm giving you my condolences now.     

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Richard said...

I would have voted for Hillary Clinton, but I voted for Barack Obama instead. I'm a long time Democrat. I might vote for Mitt this time if he wins. President Obama has gone to far in converting multiuse national lands to minimal use wilderness designated areas. I believe in being environmental and was a past member of the Sierra Club. But he has been going too far. If he listens and stops this major land grab, I could still see him as a good president.