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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Abuse and How Every Woman Should Handle it!

By Jade Stewart

I guess a lot of people have been waiting for a new post. I have allowed myself to be pulled into drama of late, all of which is completly my fault! It's my fault for hanging out with a man who does not know how to treat women.

I have discovered the truth about this cheater, and have resolved the issue. I will never again allow myself to be fooled by an opnoxious punk of a man. I'm sorry for not writting but due to the fact that I have 16,000 dollars of dental to get done, I work every single day, 8 hours shifts, and am exausted beyound all reason.

Theres a song called "NO LOVE" and thats exactly how I will be treating my ex-boyfriend Seth Dickens, who's ass I kicked! Why? If you get caught kissing another woman, expect to get punched in the face! I'm no ones fucking door mat...and I am a stripper and do know how to box!

I expect to be treated with RESPECT!

He's been dismissed and has probably already begun to hang out with the woman, whose tung I caught in his mouth. He's now her problem, not mine anymore...and when he kicks her teeth down her throat, or kills her ass, I won't feel bad at all!

I tried being nice to Seth, I tried being respectful to Seth, at the lose of almost everything I have ever had, but there are some people in the world...who can never change or be "COOL"! Seth Dickens is one of those people.

I'm not calling him names! I'm not putting him on blast! I'm telling the truth; maybe as a warning to all those dumb-bitches me included;who see a pretty face and think, "he'd never hurt me!" He will do this violent shit again, any woman who hangs out with him will never really be safe.

What kind of a man pulls a sleeper-choker-move, knocking his girlfreind out, when she's laying down and not doing anything to him? What kind of man does that? A phyco does that!

Needless to say that after almost being killed for a secound time by this Seth Dickens ...I won't call him a human being..."we will never speek again!" And he can do all the imoral, disrespectfull shit he wants to do with and too someone else!

How could someone like that ever respect me? When it is so blatenly obvious that he doesn't and has never respected himself!

And the stupid woman who was kissing him, kept saying it was her fault-maybe I should have punched her in the face too? Someone from another state asked me; "whats wrong with people in California?" He said; did she want you to punch her in the face too? Then he said; people in California act crazy and don't know how to act!

Seth kept asking me threwout our relationship; why don't I trust him? Because every time I have my back turned, he cheated on me...with the nastiest of the nasties, saying; "don't get mad! why are you mad?"

I deserve better, and I can finally see that fact. The chick I caught him with is pretty but stupid, and my ex boyfriend Seth fuckhead Dickens and her deserve eachother...why? He doesn't deserve a brilliant, smart, or sucessfull woman...because any woman like that would see him for what he is; A LOSSER AND AN IDIOT!

The chick whose toung I caught down his throat obviously didn't restpect her boyfriend either! She didn't respect him enough, not to make out with my boyfriend in the bathroom at a party; she deserves what ever she gets, and so does he!

Although if Seth Dickens doesn't learn how to control his out of control anger problems, he will defenently wind up in prisson or dead. Because I'm 100% sure, that someone else will kill him, or call the cops on him, which will ultimatly distroy his life.

No woman, I don't care what kind of bitch you think she may be, deserves to be man handled or deserves to be beater. And if you pull any chicks hair; expect to get punched in the face over and over again!

Especially when she's not feeling good, and has done you a solid by hanging out with your punk ass anyway.

But also expect to get kicked if you try to pull her out of the car from the drivers side when she's sick and has been drinking. But most of all don't expect her to keep your abuse a secrete every woman should tell everyone...abuse can only happen just like child molestation if it's kept a secrete. I don't keep secretes for assholes who can't even be respectfull enough to drop my stuff off on the porch and not thowing it on the lawn. My father had to pick it up and just thought; "what an asshole!"

Secreatly I hope I broke a rip, because maybe that thoughtless dick will remember that some woman will fight back. I am one of those women. I deserve respect, and if I don't get it, I will be more then happy to tell a used up porn star, to fuck off - after I beat his ass for man handeling me!


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