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Thursday, January 26, 2012

How To Know If Your Man Is Gay!

By Linda Mains

OK, in California, it' look's like we're having a problem, with a lot of men, whom are hiding their real sexual preferences from their women. So because I have a heart, and feel that it sucks to be lied too, I want to help the worlds they can identify; the straight-man-pretenders, that they may be unlucky enough to either be dating, or living with right now. Now I've always been honest with any man that I have dated; simply, I believe that honesty is the best policy.

Don't get me wrong...I am not hating on the gay men out there...I respect gay men! They where brave enough with me and other women, to have come out of the closet in the first place. They where also honest about their sexual preferences to the women of the world. Gay men are not wasting straight women's lives, by trying to live life's and be something that they aren't and can never be; which is strait men! These pretenders will never make any woman complete or happy! A fact which many closet cases, have inflicted upon straight women world wide...which has wasted those poor victims life's and time, in those loveless, cold and emotionless relationships.

Maybe it's something in the water, that is making so many e-feminine men in the U.S., but whatever it is, if you're an American woman, you had better learn, who the straight-pretenders you won't waste your life, love or time, by either giving birth to, living with, or loving a man, that can never love you back! He can't and will never be able to love you, because he is secretly craving, and loving other men.

So here are the clues...that will allow you to make an educated guess, if you are living with a straight-man-pretender or a closet case;

  1. If your man takes more time then you do...when cleaning his face or when getting ready to go out.
  2. If your man where's pink-shirts with fitted-suits or he's just over dressed, all of the time.
  3. If he has a boy-crush on another guy; he will let you know it, by constantly talking about this guy.
  4. If he has to hang out with his guy-friends by himself, and they act either gay or bi. He will also be looking to go on trips with his other straight-pretending friends...who will act gay or bi as well.
  5. If he's really into music, that you'd only here in a Gay-West-Hollywood dance club.
  6. If he needs you to apply and then re-apply, any type of drag-queen makeup. 
  7. If he is constantly critiquing; everything about who you are, and how you look.
  8. If he has to have sex constantly, but is never satisfied.
  9. If he try's to tell you; how to do your make-up, or how to take care of your face, nails or any other girlie thing.
  10. If he disappears for hours, and has no excuses for where he's been, or tells you he's off to West Hollywood, and is meeting a few friends there.
  11. If he tells you; he's only into women because he wants a big family.
  12. If you find love letters from other men.
  13. If he has friends that he goes off with by himself, but doesn't invite you, while leaving you standing by yourself waiting for him.
  14. If he is supper fit, and has subscriptions to Men's-Magazines and workout-magazines...and looks at every man in those magazines.
  15. He tells you; to mind your own business, in regards to his friendships with other men.
  16. He tells you; he needs two weekends off from your relationship and those days are no question asked days.
  17. He acts like he hates you when your with him!
  18. He never hugs, kisses or shows you any affection when you're alone with him, except when your having sex with him.
  19. He is really into oral-sex but rarely gives you any.
  20. He will slip-up and say maybe other men want to drug his friends because they want to tap that ass.
  21. He will flip out on you; when you question him about his slip of the tong, about how he really feels about his friends.
  22. He has done some very questionable and gay things in the past...and always has an excuse for why he did those things. All his excuses; will of course, be other then him being gay, and actually being into those acts.
  23. He will tell you; how you should look like a supper-model, because, if he was going to have to be with a woman...then you had better be perfect. So because you are a real-woman with real flaws, he will always assume, that it's your fault as the reason that he's really not into women.
  24. Nothing you ever do will be good enough!
  25. He won't hold you in bed, and might even have the bed sectioned off, so that he doesn't have to touch you while sleeping. He may even sleep on the floor, or in the living room, away from you.
  26. His gay friends will pop up in your life; when they do, you will be asked to leave for the night.
  27. His friends will all have gay pasts...with either escorting or having had some kind of male on male relationships.
  28. He may also have a history of gay-escorting himself, he will explain to you, that he had only done those sex-acts for money.
  29. He might be a very money hungry man as well.
  30. He will brush off most heterosexual-sex; saying its boring.
  31. If you ask him if he's gay...he will become extremely-defensive, or tell you that it's none of your business, and that he wouldn't tell anyone who he really was.
  32. When with his guy palls; you will catch them staring into each-others eyes, in a loving longing way.
  33. If you have caught him in the act or you have participated with him in any gay-sex-acts with another man...he will try to convince you, that the man, that he was having sex with, was womanly in some way.
Look! These are most of the ways, that you will be able to tell, if you are with a straight-man-imposter or closet case. You shouldn't have to waste your love, or your time, with any man, who will-not ever be able to love you back. The worst thing any human being could ever be guilty of, is wasting their time. Time is something you can't get back...and you wouldn't want to waste 30 years building a life, with someone like this, only to eventually be dumped for another guy someday. So if you're a woman with a guy like this, do yourself a favor and dump his lying ass!


James said...

You could probably import most of that criteria to San Diego, getting hard sometimes to tell skinny women from skinny men. Caught myself a couple times checking out what turned out to be a man in skinny jeans.

Mack said...

Hey there!

I hope you are doing alright today and that things are getting easier for you. Remember, and never forget, that you are a fighter, a beautiful woman, a good person, and you are better than him or anything he ever deserved! You deserve to be loved genuinely by guy who's not conflicted with who he is and has the capacity to love someone other than themself. You really are a beautiful woman and you seem like a very genuine person with a lot going for herself. You would make whoever you chose to be with one lucky dude.

I just really hope you have yourself an excellent day and weekend and all that...

Take good care of yourself,