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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The U.N tries to Scam BILLIONS In Aid Money

By Linda Mains

OK there is a law suit coming from a group called the Dragon Family against the U.N and others. So who is the Dragon family? They are the guardians whom were appointed by Kuomintang to guard the Gold and securities. They are a highly secretive and informal organization, which operates between old families which are between China and Taiwan. They are above the political divide of either of the two Chinese governments. They are supposedly acting for the benefit and the good of the world. Which is in coordination with some very high level Global financial Organizations, in particular the federal reserve system. This group has become mega-rich by providing the Federal Reserve Bank and the U.S Governments with Gold and silver threw accounts in Switzerland, which the Federal Reserve System made obligations to pay back.

So what does their Dragon group/family want? They want to be paid for the Gold and precious metal deposits that they made to the Federal Reserve, which were under the original agreements that they had made with the Fed's. They want to be paid back in full with interest and are telling the Federal Reserve that if they don't pay them back, that it will have a disastrous impact on U.S. Federal interests. This lawsuit will involve the Federal Chartered Central Banking System of the U.S., so if we want our money to retain it's worth we the people will need to pay the Dragon family the 9 billion dollars that we owe them plus interest.

As if this news wasn't bad enough there is a law suit against the Italian police, the Italian Banking System and the U.N.  they are involved in an international conspiracy to defraud a man named Keenan whom is associated with, you guessed it, the Dragon Family. Now they were trying to defraud Keenan out of 249 of the Dragon Family, U.S. 1934 Federal Reserve Notes, each are worth $500,000,000 dollars with the grand total for the attempted fraud being 124 billion, 500 million U.S. dollars. With one U.S Kennedy Bond totaling 1 billion dollars, which was issued by the U.S. Federal Reserve for the Dragon Family's gold and other precious metal deposits.  All of which was placed in the U.S. Federal Reserve System.

The 1934 FRN's came under the direct control of Kuomintang whom the gold was received in return for the lease payments from the U.S. These payments allowed the Chinese government in Taiwan to continue financially. Even though many of the FRN's where left in Communist China when Kuomintang had to flee to Taiwan. The Kuomintang Nationalized the Gold and most of the FRN's moved to Taiwan, which is much of Taiwans underlying wealth. FRN's held there value because they were backed by precious metals and gold, which was purchased and leased by the U.S. government. 

Who where the conspirators? They included the Italian Republic, Italian Financial Police, a man name Berlusconi, another named Bruno, the U.N., and the World Economic Forum.

What does the Dragon family want? They want to be paid for the Gold and precious metal deposits that they made to the Federal Reserve. Deposits which were made under their  original agreements with the Federal Reserve. They want to be paid back in full with interest! They are telling the Federal Reserve that if they don't pay the Dragon Family back that that  action will have disastrous consequences on U.S. federal interests. This lawsuit will also involve the Federal Chartered Central Banking System of the U.S., so if we the people want our money to retain any of its worth the Federal Reserve really needs to start paying the Dragon Family what they owe them.

So what conspiracy is the Dragon Family so angry about?

The conspiracy was to defraud Keenan while coveting two hundred and forty nine U.S. 1934 Federal Reserve notes each note is worth $500 million all of which equals one hundred and twenty four billion, five hundred million dollars. Notes that were issued by the U.S Reserve and the U.S. Treasury Department. Which was originally given to the Dragon family for their gold and precious metal deposits, all of which was placed in the U.S. Federal Reserve System to prop-up the U.S. dollar.

The Federal Reserve originally was going to pay them back years ago, and if we don't pay them back soon our Federal Reserves lack of paying back their debts, will destroy the worth of the U.S. dollar VIA the U.S. Central Banking System. The Federal Reserve needs to pay them back so that the U.S dollar can have continued viability as the #1 Global Reserve Currency.

The entity's that are trying to fraud the Dragon Family are; the U.N., Bank-Moon, HE Ambassador Cesare Maria Ragaglini, Giancarlo Bruno, and the World Economic Forum U.S.A Inc, Daniele Dal Bosco, The Office of International Treasury Control, Ray C Dam, David A Sale, The World Economic Forum, Silvio berlusconi the former Prime Minister of Italy.

So how did Keenan a U.S citizen become involved with Yamaguchi and the Dragon Family. It looks like around 2008 he was involved in placing certain Japanese bonds and Kennedy bonds into a PPP, he was an intermediary to introducing the Dragon Family to the Alpha Bank which is a bank located in Cyprus.  Keenan also provided assistance and political conections for the Dragon because of this Yamaguchi  sought him out for his advice, advice that was related to international banking and trading. All of which would further the Dragon family humanitarian programs, which was what the money was originally for. So Keenan finally accepted the job of helping Yamaguchi with the dragon Family transactions in the world of private finance. Now this finance included private financial international trading and governmental trading.

So on October 28th, 2010 Yamaguchi executed the special power of attorney with the approval of General Haan the head of the Dragon Family, giving Keenan the Authority to act on the Dragon Family and on Yamaguchis behalf as well. The sole purpose of this transfer of power was so that the DFFI could be invested but before that could happen, it was stolen by Daniele Dal Bosco (and others).

Now Keenan was supposed to invest the DFFI in a proper PPP's in the appropriate programs in the U.S., Asia and in Europe, using the DFFI as collateral. So Keenan was the only person responsible in determining what legal proceedings should be used to recover the stolen DFFI, how to finance and seek damages because of this theft. He was also given the responsibility of "what to do with any proceeds from any outcome" as "the bonds were stolen from him and he was responsible for taking all the risks." He was also in sole control over the legal recovery of the bonds and all the aspects from it.

Dal Basco -- his actions is what led the Dragons to file the lawsuit and he conspired with The Office Of International Treasury Control or the (OITC) on it's web sit claims to be "an international financial institution" chartered  under the U.N. Charter Control No:10-60847 on OITC claim its a "sovereign entity" in its own right, as instituted by the Nations of the world." The OITC is also claiming that they have "substantial assets in its control." This organization has been chartered by the U.N. under a secret protocol and was established as the office of His Excellency Dr. Ray C. Dam, then they changed the name to the Office of International Treasury Control. This organizations roots trace back to the Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite, Gold Commission or the (TTTGC), which was founded in 1944 to 1945 for a term of 50 years. They held the mandate rights and authorities over the combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Dept Facility. After 50 yrs the Nations of the world were disappointed with the biased way they combined International Collateral Accounts which hadn't been utilized, so they didn't extend it longer then 50 yrs. They then decided to appoint a single person to the position of International Treasury Controller with the full rights of authority and to legal ownership of the combined International Collateral Accounts.

In January 1995 Ray C Dam was appointed International Treasury Controller and legal Heir and owner of the combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt facility with full authority and positional control of the same which was executed by the Nations of the world.

Also established in 1995 was the Office Of International Treasury Control as the management administrative and operations organization of His Excellency Dr Ray C Dam. The defendant claimed to be the authorized International Treasury Controller who is also a Cambodian national whom is also a U.S. citizen, who was actually born in Kyrgyzstan who's real name is Khali Abdeb who's mother was a Cambodian princess. He is a certified International central banking financial institution of operations; as the office of International Treasury control. On January 20th 2003 the OITC was granted "sovereign Entity Status Under the United Nations Charter Control." He claims to hold a degree from U.C. Berkeley but the University has no record of him ever attending.

Then there is defendant David A Sale who is a citizen of the United Kingdom and is the OITC's Deputy Chief Council of the Cabinet and claims in his entire 8 yr business relation- ship with his excellency Dam; he did not know him personally and only did business with him via the phone.

OITC although not publicly know is the largest International Institution of its kind and they are the largest single owner of gold and Platinum bullion in the World. Plus they are a major owner of Bank Debt Securities, International treasuries, cash and other forms of security's all of which are recorded as assets of the combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility whose accounts are held within the Federal Reserve. The Bank for International Settlements, The U.S. Treasury, Swiss National Bank, Swiss Federal Finance Administration. The OITC is the largest single owner of Home Mortgage Securities in the world today, and their original assets where in the form of gold, which have been wisely utilized to create wealth that creates future wealth.

The U.S. claims that within the Federal Reserve there exists no organization or any department with the initials of the OITC or anything similar to it. Plus the Bank For International Settlements or the (BIS) has also denied any knowledge of the OITC. The BIS is the worlds oldest international financial organization who caters to central banks and international monetary and financial co-operation, and they serve as a bank for central banks.

The OITC will not publish any independent verification of its status claiming that only individuals with "level 3" to "level 5" security classification can see "its protocol for verification" which can only be done by a "senior member of the government reserve bank." Also the U.N. is legally bound to respond to a verification request on the condition that the requisite controls and procedures are followed or no response will be received from the U.N." Now if this isn't the run around, then I don't know what is? So after that the only way a verification request will be made is through the U.N headquarters in New York or Geneva, not via, or by any hub-office of the U.N.

The U.N. is being deceitful in its dealing with the OITC because it has never fully denounced the OITC, and has also let the OITC hold itself out to the world community, while being protected by the umbrella of legitimacy which has been chartered by the U.N.!

Benjamin Fulford who's a journalist who also served as the Asian Bureau for Forbes Magazine said that there had been a report as recent as 2010 that between 1998 to 2005 that the U.N. never denied it's affiliation with the OITC until this current investigation. The OITC until this current investigation said that Ray C. Dam who's the Chairman of ARP-OITC was caught on December 18th 2010 when the Cambodian Phnom Post reported that; "four  organizations had been implicated in a series of very bizarre scandles in multiple countries, which included large scale fraud and forgery, which followed an October report which examined the "office of International Treasury Control." that ARP-OITC is a subsidiary and forged documents claiming he had roughly $500 million in holdings. These reports where confirmed by the Phonm Pehn Municipal Court on December 20th, 2010 and said that prior post reports had said that OITC officials had previously been implicated in financial scandals in Ecuador, Fiji, and the United Kingdom. 

The U.N. stated their claim is to facilitate cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social programs, human rights, and the achievement of world peace all of which was founded in 1945 after World War II. The defendant the U.N. and others which include any officials acting on its behalf, acted outside the scope of there official capacities and are accorded no immunity for being involved in those actions.

Now the Italian Republic is a member state of the U.N. and NATO but defendant Silvio Bertusconi stepped down as Prime minister. Berlusoni was a central figure in this plot and schemed to utilize seized or stolen finance instruments belonging to the Dragon Family. All of which was done for his own personal gain and profit, along with the other defendants. Now the Italian financial police acted under Berlusconi, and they are an armed force that deals in financial crime and smuggling. 

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a Swiss Registered Non-Profit best known for its annual meetings in Davos Switzerland. It brings together top business leaders, international political leaders, selected intellectuals, and journalists to discuss pressuring issues facing the world, its was founded in 1971, it's a platform for resolving international conflicts.

The defendant Bruno lives in New York, Geneva, Switzerland, and in Italy, hes served as the Director for the financial Industry Group in its New York Offices at the World Economic Forum U.S.S., Inc. They oversee the development and content and relationships with WEF's partner companies in banking, Insurance and Asset Management sectors. He also has working experience with the U.N. with UNIDO or the United Nations Industrial Development Organizations. He carried out research in the field of comparative development with the government funds unite of the mobilization and management of the financial Resources Division. He was also on the Democratic Party Constituent Assembly, Italy.

Burno is a central figure who was acting in concert with the other defendants in this case and is principally working with Dal Basco, the U.N., the Italian Republic, the Italian Financial Police and Berlusconi who was seeking to bribe Keenan to realase the DFFI with which Dal Basco had been entrusted. So that the defendant could profit illegally from both the possession and the illegal marketing of the DFFI.

The Dragon Organization has contributed significant money to the U.S. ranging in the billions of U.S. dollars for the purposes to help with humanitarian aid world wide. Such as natural disasters to countries throwout the world including Hurricane Katrina in the U.S., earth quakes in Haiti, China and Indonesia, the Grenoble Nuclear disaster, rebuilding the Republic of Georgia infrastructure, water and energy, water supply for the Cayman Islands, Bangladesh and more. It was the Dragon family's intent to utilize the assets that would be placed in various global programs for humanitarian purposes.

This was recorded threw internal telephone communications. According to Bruno that there wouldn't be any problem and that this was blessed by the U.N. which would protect all the defendants because the DFFI would be placed into a sovereign program after that, the DFFI would mysteriously vanish and no questions would ever be asked. They wanted to convince Keenan to cooperate in the conspiracy to deprive the Dragon Family of its interest in the DFFI. Bruno commented that Keenan was stupid for not taking 100 million U.S. dollars, and that things were in the planing stages for awhile and we're about to complete, with or with out Keenan. Then when Raykovs assistance couldn't convince Keenan to participate in the fraudulent scheme Bruno said; "not even for 500 million U.S. dollars?"

The U.S governments corruption knows no bounds, did all the defendants in this case just think that the Dragon Family would forget about the billions of dollars that it had given to the Federal Reserve? Money that was meant for emergency's to help when disaster hit...I'm really at a loss for words in regard to this case...but it's really disgusting that the U.N and some of it's greediest members, couldn't keep their fingers out of the honey pot.




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