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Monday, February 13, 2012

Will There Be War In Iran? My Discussion with An Iranian Man!

By Linda Mains

Today I ran into a Persian man, whom was from Iran. Earlier in the week, I had a long, heated and drawn out discussion with my father; about the impending-conflict (or war) that might occur with the U.S. and Iran, if Iran is found-out to have Atomic weapons. My father is a big Fox News advocate, and if any unfortunate people out there, have a brain-washed Fox News family member...then you'd know that, telling these types of people the truth about what is really going on in the world, is almost impossible. See the problem with my dad, since he is a Republican is; he always needs to be right! Which makes for a very closed minded person A.K.A my father.

So as I sat at my local Starbucks and had a conversation with this man about Iran...yes, when I want to find out information about a country, luckily in California, you will always have a mufti-regional selection of any minority from around the world; to answer any question you might have about any impending conflict. So I just asked him, because I have this way about me, at finding out about the truth, about any situation. I asked; "do you think that Iran will attack Israel with a nuclear bomb?" His answer was, in an Iranian accent; "I really just think, that Iran wants the ability to have Nuclear power, and that if they did create a nuclear bomb and sent it to Israel...that they would 1. be committing suicide and 2. they would bring about a change in their government. Something that I think needs to happen." My comment to that statement was; "but we have (meaning the U.S.) has already lost so many life's, by fighting for over 10 years in the Middle East already...and a lot of the men who fought in that war, have come back permanently, mentally scared for life, by even being in that war in the first place! Plus there would be a huge loss of life, to both Iran and I really don't believe; that starting a war on either side is a wise idea!"

So then we moved on to the next arena of topics, that we covered for the next 45 minutes that we talked. I said that Fox News has been brain washing my father for so long...and I don't believe this, I added; "that the people whom have been religiously watching Fox News; that everyone in the Middle East is a bunch of crazy Jehadist's!" I for one; know that that isn't true! The Iranian people have a lot of very educated people in their society...and not everyone that lives there, is a crazy religious fanatic. Just like not every American citizen; is a family killing psycho! He said; "yea but it's all the brain washing that is seen daily and nightly on the News; which is nothing more, then racist spewing shit...about the people whom live in the Middle East! It's also stereotyping a whole nation of people." I'm smart I told him, I know that, but you wouldn't believe the nonsense, that most Americans believe about the people that live in the Middle East.

I told him; "do you know why our government is after any religiously ran hospital that won't offer contraception?" He said; "no, I don't know, tell me!" Well all of this "contraception-shit" started with the theory of revolution, and Darwinism. Which in my opinion is the worst thing, that has ever befallen mankind! I asked him; "do you know who was the first to start human-cleansing? It wasn't Hitler's Nazi Germany!" He said; "now you're scaring me!" It was the U.S. they started all this in 1865 or earlier. The government at that time was going threw peoples records, to see if they had insanity running in their families. He asked; "why did they do that?" Looking a bit scared, at the answer which he might receive. I said; because they wanted to cleanse all Americans of insanity. He asked; "how did they think they where going to do that?" Well they  made these people stand trial, and after digging in these unfortunate-peoples files, for their family history...these people that where found guilty of having insanity in their family history's; they would be forced to have surgery (against their wills), so that they couldn't have children. So why would the U.S. do this to their own people? Because 1% of the richest in the country, have always believed, that they are "far superior" ri the poor or the middle class that live here in America. They have always secretly wanted to control or destroy (as many poor and middle class people as possible) the masses numbers here. The 1% are also the ones threw their Darwinian belief system, that went and created Planed Parent Hood in the first place. Planed Parent Hood is an institution, which is dedicated to destroying baby's, and preventing the masses (the poor and middle class) from having children! He said..."oh, so that's why they are going after the Catholic Church?" I said yes; because Catholicism, is the only thing from stopping the 1%, from preventing births in ever Hospital in America while simultaneously achieving world domination and creating a New World Order that they will be controlling. He told me; "that's really frightening! That our government would allow something like this to happen?" I said; "it sure is!"

He went on to tell me...that he didn't believe, that the American people, would ever allow this to happen. Well it is happening...because Fox News and other News Shows; are only reporting what the 1% in this country want them to report! People in this country are the "perfect sitting ducks" to be plucked off the street, and carted away to F.E.M.A. camps! Camps which are centrally located threw-out America! Camps that have been created out of old-military-basses and are employing staff and are opened for business right now! He still said; "that's frightening! America is still better then the government that is ruling Iran right now!" I said yea; but how quickly had Iran fallen into the hands of tyrants? He said; "sometime in the 70's?" Yea and once your country fell into the wrong hands; the decent of Iran into a living hell for those that live there, took about 6 or 8 years to happen. Right? He said; "Yea, but I don't believe that America would ever let that happen here?" I'm sorry to have to tell you this; it is happening here...the monsters whom are really running our government (threw a secret society; which includes J.P. Morgan, and Halliburton, along with other filthy rich families in America). All of which is being run, behind our backs, and without our knowledge or consent. These monsters aren't going to tell us what they really want to do to us! Just like in Iran; your freedoms and rights must be constantly fought for! When a society becomes complacent to tyrants...that's when society will fall into the pits-of-hell. Democracy needs to be constantly fought that, the 1% will never do to the American people; what the Nazis did to the Jews! Freedom is not free...we can not blindly follow any leader, into the pits of hell! That's why we have the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights; so that the 1%...can not buy our governments politicians! He said; "you are very smart, you should become a journalist."   

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