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Monday, February 6, 2012

Why Is Killing So Common These Days?

By Linda Mains

I was going to attempt to write about violence, and why it seems like lately we're surrounded by it.

Here's my list of reasons that might make people go over the edge;
  1. Angry mean people.
  2. Everyone wants to be a boss.
  3. No one is willing to give in.
  4. Some people are just asking to be murdered...kinda like a mercy killing for society and eventually they piss someone off, who then decides to take them out.
  5. Or they realize that they should do the whole world a favor and take themselves out?
  6. Stress...there is a lot of in in today's society, which leads to people jumping off cliffs.
  7. They know that they are going to get caught and take themselves out before that happens.
  8. They're misery makers and make everyone miserable, especially the people whom are closest to them.
  9. They're stalkers and they kill their victims and then themselves.
  10. They're completely insane and talk to 6ft chickens that they think are standing next to imaginary pay phones.
  11. They have lost the only thing that keeps them from going off the deep end; their jobs!
  12. They are soulless, Godless people, who don't respect the sanctity of life.
  13. They are people that no one likes and they know it...which drives them to kill.
  14. Some just like's like a sport for them.
  15. Some people like blowing up stuff too.
  16. Some are to stupid to think their actions threw.
  17. Some people don't like their kids and think it would be cheaper to kill them. Don't ask was on CSI.
  18. Some are violent sex addicts and when their addiction is in jeopardy they kill; AKA Steve Driver.
  19. Some are violent pedophiles and after getting shamed threw being caught they kill themselves too; as seen on the channel 7 news. Don't ask me which case...that College Football Coach?
  20. Some really hate their husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends and after killing them their glad they're dead. Like that one chick who killed her ex-husband and his girlfriend for antagonizing her. She still won't say that she feels badly for killing that fool, and who could blame her...he was an a-hole! 
Some people deserve what they get, while some are just innocent victims, who didn't do anything? My Dad tried telling me...don't try to figure out why some crazy people, commit horrendous crimes of mayhem and murder. These people don't make any sense, because why would you jeopardize your whole life...because of one stupid person? Or because you killed an innocent person?

I personally believe, that in the last 10 years, from young kids to adults, are society has become a lot more viscous. Three young teenage girls tried to harass me in Target the other day, now I said; "where's your mommy? Because if she doesn't come to get you, I'm going to have to kick your ass, if you don't shut up!" 
Was that violent on my part? Yes! But do you think that those big-mouthed brats, will be picking on anyone else in Target?  I don't think so!

As a society we need to stand up to the bullies, or get them out of our lives, so we don't; A. become the killer, or B. be killed by the bully. People are a lot ruder and meaner these days, maybe some people just can't take it anymore and then decide on ending their loved ones lifes and then their own...simply because they want their daily hells to end? Just like the one guy who murdered his wife two years ago, and was a suspect in that murder. A social worker came to check on his two kids, right after she left that house, the gas that had been let out of their stove exploded killing; him and his kids. Why did he do it? I guess it's really anyone's guess; maybe his guilt finally got to him?

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