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Friday, February 10, 2012

What if I hated Mohomad?

By Linda Mains

I heard that a journalist in some Middle Eastern country...had twitted, that sometimes, he loved Mohamed and sometimes, he hated Mohamed.

Well you can only imagine the shit-storm, that came that guys way, over his hatred for the king of kings, and the God of Gods; in the one time man named Mohamed, now turned, holly-roller and blessed-being, above all other beings. They put a price on his head, and he turned into a Bon Jove song, "Wanted Dead Or Alive!" So this particular journalist escaped, to some other country...only to find, that all the strict (crazies) that call themselves Muslims, are calling for his beheading.

Beheading? It's 2012, and here humanity is, beheading it me, or is humanity going backwards? Or is it just the Muslim world that is backwards; regarding Mohamed? I believe; what non Christians, meaning Jews believe about Jesus Christ, regarding Mohamed..."he was a nice guy, but he wasn't the Messiah!" Mohamed was a nice guy, but he's not a God! I really don't believe, that any human being needs to be beheaded, over any deity who either lived...or died, who was sacrificed, or for any other religious reason. Do the Muslims in Muslim countries really believe; that beheading people, who say that sometimes they hate Mohamed our OK to kill?

Are we living in the dark ages or something? Did I miss that bus, called insanity...God, this reminds me of the R.E.M song; It's a Mad World. How did the Middle Eastern, spiritual-thing, spiral so depressingly out of control?

I guess the King or one of the Princes of Saudi Arabia has said; that their are many opportunities for people in the Middle East? Are you kidding me! Yea, there's MAD opportunity's for being beheaded, murdered or raped, for no reason at all. Unless you think, dying for dead religious idols, like a good thing? I don't believe that any intelligent person, who has years of contributions to make to society, should be killed in the name of any false prophet. If a man actually lived and breathed, he is not a God...he would be on the same level as Socrates. So killing in the name a useless waste of humanity!

But does our government care about the tragedy that's going to befall the man, who only hated Mohamed sometimes? No! Our government wants to be friends with Middle Eastern countries, countries that believe in killing a man, because he said; "he hated Mohamed sometimes." Aren't those the type of people, that everybody, would want to be friends with? Why is our country, so willing to be close friends with Middle Eastern countries, countries that go against and stand against, everything our Constitution and the Bill of Rights represent?

Here America is, following the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, by allowing all (even gays) of our citizens the right to marry. So here we are, having to maintain relationships, with people who cut peoples heads off, because they didn't like Mohamed on that day. We are like countries of the past, who where our friends, knowing that we allowed slavery...we're huge hypocrites, by even maintaining any-type of friendship with countries which don't hold our most cherished values...the right to freedom, and happiness! You can't have either of those things, if your country of origin; beheads you, because you said you didn't like their false prophet that day. 

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