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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Silvia and the Buzard III

written by Linda Mains
      Christian was setting at his favorite chair in his high priced bachelor pad. It was a female contributor who had contributed the funds for him to live there. She was ugly, she had no personality, he couldn’t stand her, he dreamed of any other woman, while having sex with her to get his bills paid. Sometimes just the funky-smell of her cigarettes, breath and perfume…would immediately send him to the bathroom, to puke after she left. Although he had to stop and think how lucky he was, to have such a beautiful town house in such a screwed up economy. He really had missed Silvia, and he could still remember the smell of her hair, after they had gotten together yesterday. She wasn’t fake like most of the women he knew, and all about money; she made him feel good, real, worthy…while still being one of the sexiest women he had ever met, and been lucky enough to bed. He sighed because deep down inside he knew by the look on her face, when they had their rendezvous, she was somewhere else, but once she loosened up; she finally got into him. Forgetting about the negative situation she was trapped in. He strutted to his new, and shiny, refrigerator that his rich – benefactor had given him, and he shook a little by what he had been forced to do to get it. So he texted Sylvia at her station at her work, because he didn’t want to leave a message on her cell phone, he knew how crazy Jeremy was. He knew what and who she was dealing with, and he also knew about the violent situation with her husband. What made the situation even worse was at one time they had been high-school buddies.

       They were almost best friends in High School; it was funny, because they had always both been attracted to Sylvia. That’s why Jeremy pulled away his friendship from Christian; he always knew he’d been after his girl. If only Jeremy could somehow be taken out of Christians happy picture, or could have died in the war; the thought brought a happy smile of pleasure to his face. He loved Sylvia, and had been in love with her, ever since High School, he just wished that Jeremy was out of the picture. Wasn’t the suicide rate amongst Veterans high? Christian scratched his head, he sat on the edge of his bed, while watching the playboy channel, and that’s when he thought about Sylvia. Sylvia had reddish blond hair, and freckles, he loved freckles, she had them everywhere, on every part of her body, and he had tried while they were making love to play connect the dots with her freckles and his tong. Making trails with his tong down her creamy freckled colored body. He needed her, he wanted her, and he unlike Jeremy wasn’t so emotionally messed-up from the war that he needed to verbally abuse her, or beat her, he new how to treat a woman! He hated Jeremy for laying hands on her, he wanted him dead, had envisioned just how he’d kill the coward. He guessed that was something that Jeremy had forgotten in war which was how to treat a real woman. Not the little girls that he had always been into, girls that couldn’t be seen in short skirts or the police would pull him over and ask for their I.D’s. It was sick, God if only she would leave him? She’s never going to leave him! What am I to her? I just want her so badly!

      Christian busy at that moment, he was attempting to put his socks on, while thinking of the smell of her, the softness of her hair, and those crazy lavender eyes, they were mystifyingly beautiful. He sat there and wondered how do dead beat losers…who take that vow of being savior to the country; always wind up with the girl? So many of his friends had lost chicks to military guys, he just couldn’t figure it out. He was sexy, well hung, had killer-looks just like Jeremy…maybe his blond hair, was a little-lighter than Jeremy’s, but that never stopped women from throwing themselves at him. He could chase women with the best of them, he knew that. But for the life of himself he just couldn’t figure it out; why he kept losing out on the loves of his life, two so far, too 2 hot headed ex-military guys? He needed some release so he headed to the bathroom, with the used copy of Penthouse. After which he got dressed, buttoned his shirt, grabbed his keys and punched his Ferrari gas-peddle and put it to the metal, while blasting A.C.D.C.

      Silvia was answering calls at work, when she checked her inbox messages…she smiled, as she gently pushed her hair out of her eyes, trying to avoid getting her hair in her reddest of red lip glosses. It was Christian. She wanted him, again and again…she loved her husband, but she was finding it harder and harder; to get any real affection or passion out of him.
      She sat there at her job caught in a fantasy about Christian, she got his message, and she called from the office room, so his call couldn’t be traced on her cell phone. It felt wrong, but she couldn’t stop herself, from seeing him. Thank God he worked and lived next to her, and Thank God for lunch breaks, she thought to herself. She jumped in her car after work and stepped on the gas, and was headed to Christians for a quick rendezvous. 

     All she wanted was his caresses and kind words; she no-longer cared about what Mr. Buzzard said or didn’t say to her. It’s not like she couldn’t see Jeremy’s mental illness coming her way, his father was crazy, he was so crazy that Jeremy rarely saw his father, which was a sad fact for most of his life. His mother’s suicide had pushed his father over the edge! Jeremy visited him before going to Afghanistan as much as he could. While living there people were constantly trying to help his father. 

     None of the help ever worked with his paranoid – suicidal condition, it just continued to get worse. There was no hope for his father, till that fatal day; when he tiptoed out back, with a double barreled shot gun, and put the barrel in his mouth and pulled the trigger! The attendant, who ran the half-way house, found his father’s bloody mess of a head all over the back yard. So did it surprise her that everyone saw Jeremy’s crazy coming, and then to top everything off, he wanted to join the military and fight in Afghanistan…he made no logical sense. Meanwhile Mr. Buzzard, was sitting on his ass per-usual, while parking his lazy behind, in front of his T.V., turning on his video games.

      Sylvia hated his video games, because they really got him going, and he was already so ready to explode. It just seemed to her, that any type of violence, just made the whole situation worse. She set her keys on the coffee table…she dropped her clothes, piece by piece, as she made her way towards the bedroom, there was no need to worry because the kids had gone to bed long ago. So she grabbed a towel, and took a shower. While she was in the shower; she rubbed herself in a very sensual way, while pleasuring-herself as she thought about the two hours, which she had spent with Christian. It felt wrong, while at the same time it felt so good. She almost screamed out in ecstasy! At the last moment, she caught herself. If she had, Mr. Buzzard would be screaming, with his accusatory questions. He’d call her a whore, he’d call her a bad mother…stupid, disgusting, a woman with no morals, a woman with no honor…a woman who was a bad military wife!

     She knew that lovers of military women could become victims of violence…she had heard about that black guy tuned leather face in the marines. That guy went nuts and tied up the man who was having an affair with his wife! She knew how that tragedy went…how he cut up her lovers face, which made him into a human pumpkin…while taking his wife back to his house rapping her for hours. She knew he was crazy! She knew he could kill Christian! She knew but she wanted him so badly she couldn’t save him from herself. How much of her life did she have to give up for Mr. Buzzard anyway? Hadn’t she given him two beautiful children, hadn’t she waited for him while he was in Afghanistan for almost 6 months, until he was discharged because of a mental breakdown?

     Hadn’t she done enough for him, she was only 26 years old; by the time she had met Jeremy when she was 21-yrs-old, she was a full blown party girl, with a string of men courting her, and having sex with her. She loved it! She loved the dinners they took her too! She loved the parties they took her too! She loved the friends she had made, threw the rich and powerful men, that she had played with. They were all toys at her disposal…that was about when she started to feel guilty, and the religious believe, that she needed to settle down came upon her. It was like the Black Death that had come upon the Europeans. The first time her and Jeremy had sex, she became pregnant. Her parents forced marriage on them they found out. They had been neighbors and had been dating off and on since High School. It was funny to her when she thought how she was having an affair behind Jeremy’s back with a guy that was almost his best friend.

     Their relationship had grown stale, he never wanted to experiment sexually, and she was bored and needed someone who was fun in her life. She never shared with him any of her fantasies, fantasies about other women, or the swinging that she had heard about, but was never allowed to become a participant in. She felt tied down, and tied up; she couldn’t breathe and was suffocating under the pressure of a domesticity that she wasn’t sure she wanted. It was either see Christian or lose her mind, she could end up in a mental ward, or she could line up as many different prescriptions grade drugs as she could find, and take every last one to end her perpetual suffering at Jeremy’s A.K.A Mr. Buzzard’s hands. She didn’t have to tolerate the bad treatment …she could always take matters into her own hands by ending her own life; she had the power to end it whenever she wanted! But the children she couldn’t put them through hell, she cared about her kids. She didn’t want them to suffer, like their father had, because his mother had committed suicide.

     She knew they’d always ask, why the mother that they loved more than the sky; took her own life? Something that would stay with both kids, till the end of their little lives; she walked into their room, looked around, and then kissed each one on the cheek. Then slowly and tiredly, she walked up the stairway to their bedroom. Jeremy, A.K.A Mr. Buzzard, was sitting cross legged, on his bed naked; his steely-blue-grey eyes were begging her to come towards him. He grasped her by the waist, and her long reddish blond hair whipped him in the face! He got up, picked her off the bed, with his 6’’4 frame, and with both arms around her waist he gently threw her on the bed.

     He started taking off her clothes…pleasuring her like he had, before his mood swings, and anger stopped him from being sexual with her. He looked up at her from his point of pleasure, she looked down at him, and he gave her that sexy grin, which she had come to love…maybe, just maybe, he was normal again. He crawled up to her face; put both his hands around her face, and told her he loved her. He reached over to turn off the lamp and in the dark he became very passionate with her, until they both rolled over satisfied. She was confused; maybe his male Spiddy senses had gone off and started to tingle. She wasn’t sure…but for a moment, she dreamt that the old-him was back. Maybe Mr. Buzzard was gone for good?



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